Decolorante Performance 7+

A blue ammonia-based non-volatile bleaching powder. May be applied using any application technique. Thanks to its specific active ingredients, it allows to lighten hair by more than 7 levels, while ensuring maximum protection of the hair, with no yellow or orange tones.

-rice proteins –> the natural proteins extracted from rice are used for their intense moisturizing and nourishing action.
-maize proteins –> maize proteins and amino acids help reconstruct protein bonds, coating the hair shaft and making the hair stronger and more flexible.
-guar gum –> this product is used for its good emollient and softening properties that are useful for both the scalp and the hair.

The maize and rice proteins contained in the bleaching agent protect and repair the damage caused by chemical treatments, providing the deep hydration required to reduce frizz and split ends.


Mix 7+ in a non-metal bowl with 10-20-30-40 vol oxidizing cream, depending on the desired result and original hair base. The dilution ratio is 1:2 (50g of D7+ for 100gr oxidant). Approximate applicatione time 20-50 minutes. Check hair bleaching level during application time, which may vary depending on the desired result, original hair base, hair conditions and room temperature. Rinse-off and shampoo hair to remove alkaline residues.