The one shot mèches

De-Kolor the one shot mèches is a colouring hair cream with which it is possible to bleach and to color in an only application every kind of hair even if colored chemically. De-kolor is a gentle cream color. With its soothing substances and protectives oils, it does not damage hair. With De-Kolor, it’s possible to move from dark, natural or colored hair to blond tonalities.

The new coloration system is based on 3 actions :                                                            – Bleaching action : Pickling for colored hair / Bleach for natural hair.                               – Coloring action : Deposit of new pigments inside the hair, resistant from pickling action.                                                                                                                                  – Combined action : Residual color on hair in chromatic combination with new pigment. With De-Kolor it’s possible to obain excellent results in short time, first impossible to have without damaging hair.

Two services in just one application. Six colors to mix together (light blonde, silver, brown, copper blonde, red, purple). To apply directly on hair or on some strands. With De-Kolor, your fashion offer will increase.


Choose the color on the chart. Squeeze the tube and put the right quantity of De-Kolor in a non-metallic bowl and add the same quantity (1+1) of soothing activator : 40 Volumes and 35-40 minutes time exposure for dark and thick hair / 20-30 Volumes and 20-35 minutes time exposure for light, thin or delicate hair. After rinsing, you can apply other kind of coloration, directly or with oxidation, to correct level or light.